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160 Breaking Bad Icons, Part 2 of ???
Bringing this back after a million months, sry I'm a flop! I hope to have the next post up before the premiere. Also it occurred to me while I was part of the way through that the s4 ones especially suck because I was using lo-res caps that I made last year before I bought the dvd so I'll probably end up redoing a lot of those when I rewatch because I am a lunatic.
Posting these using spoiler code instead of cuts. Enjoy, do what you like with these, etc. :)






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These are awesome, I'll be taking some of Jesse and Skyler! Will credit :)

super stoked for the show to start again, sad it's ending tho


Me too. And I just caught up on Dexter S7 this week and I'm bummed that's ending too. I'll miss my profane queen Deb so much.

aww yisss i'm gonna have to reorganize my icons to make way for some of these~

taking queen skylar ty bb

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I have better versions of that icon coming up in my third post. Here they are in case you want to upgrade:

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