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160 Breaking Bad Icons, Part 3 of ???
I still have like 4,000 caps left to sort through so this still isn't the last batch. I'm flopping harder than Walt over here.

Anyway, enjoy, do what you like with these, etc. :)



[Hot Cartel Guy]

[Skinny Pete]


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You know me, I couldn't leave him out.

Many new Guses for you, boo. <3 I used PS this time around, and this batch seems to have turned out prettier.

Hot Cartel Guy will forever remind me of you!

Yesss, I will be adding some new Guses to my collection for sure.

OMG THESE ARE GREAT BEESY i may need to make space for a tio icon omg

also i probs need sky and the wine tbh

snagging a few! love them all!

these are amazing! taking a few if that's ok :)

love your icons! took one of jesse and credited :)

Only started watching BB recently. Great icons! Have saved a whole bunch and will credit.

oooh, hope you are loving the show!!

I am! Just finished season 4. Writing/acting is great. Jesse, Gus and Skyler are my favourites so far.

Ahh, you're almost done! Those are my top 3 favorites as well.

I'm not ready for it to end lol.

And yes for this Skyler appreciation! She was great in season 4, but I started to really like her end of s2 when she is all k bye and leaves when she comes to terms with Walt's deception.

I liked her from the start because it seemed like they wanted to turn the nagging wife trope on its head - from the way they immediately had her be suspicious of Walt and willing to call him out on it. Absolutely loved her for kicking Walt out and loathed him for weaseling his way back in, and I loved the way she used her interest in writing to come up with elaborate backstories (gambling, car wash).

She was so thorough with it too - like that scene where she gives Walt lines to rehearse lmao. I was impressed she figured out it was drugs so early on, like it was a while back that she visited Jesse and I don't think just anyone would have made the connection.

Ugh, Walt. That scene where Skyler calls the police and he's playing ~happy families was so irritating. And he treats Jesse so badly omfg.

(Oop, accidentally posted this as a new comment below.)

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