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76 Mad Max icons
[34 of Furiosa]

[eta: +42 assorted characters]


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these are amazing! ahhhh taking a bunch.

will you make any of the other ladies? LOVE THIS MOVIE. <3

If you have any specific requests, I can try to do them for you! I have a bunch of trailers & featurettes downloaded so it's just a matter of sifting through them and finding the right moments.

yasss, so great! I wish it was out in hq so I could watch it over and over again.

I actually have an awful memory so I can't remember specific scenes, but is it just possible to have an icon or two of each of the ladies? that's about all! haha, I just love all the ladies. thank yooou!

i'm totally seeing it again this weekend.

okay, I just added a bunch more! lmk if you need anything else <3

these look INCREDIBLE. ahhh. i'm gonna save so many. like, all of them. oof. <333

yayyy, I'm glad you like them, bb! <33

maybe Valkyrie or the Furiosa-Valkyrie head greeting. or a group shot of the Vuvalini?

oh poop I see you've done of those requests already

lolll. I wanted to do Valkyrie bc she was amazing but the shots of her in the trailers were so jumpy and of such few frames that I didn't think they'd make for good icons so I didn't make any. I don't think I saw any group shots of the Vulvalini in any of the trailers, and I can't go back (Kate) or I'll end up making 40 more icons, especially since I didn't make any Nux ones so I know I'll go overboard if I go back for a third time.

no prob! The new icons are great too! Thanks for all your work!

ohmygosh it is so great that you used that gif because one of my life goals is to get a bro handshake/comrade clasp like that from Tom Hardy

ha! well, i hope you achieve your goal one day, doll! <3

These are all amazeballs! Taken and will credit!

Thanks, enjoy! :) And I love your Doc Roe icon!

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